Monday, April 26, 2010

Who's Minding the Juniors?

I have waited a couple days in the hopes that I had just missed the part of the furore that I was expecting, but I have heard about the apology to the Pope and the assurance that senior ministers did not see the Official document and all the back pedaling about "brainstorming," "admittedly far fetched," "young," etc. For those of you--especially my US readers--who do not have the background on this story, here's a link to a pretty good summary:

Now here's what bothers me about this whole thing:

Brainstorming is open-ended. It's meant to be non-judgemental, so if idiotic things come up, whoever is facilitating it--and someone must be facilitating it--determines if silly suggestions indicate the productive part of the session is over or whether another approach needs to be tried or abandoned.

So Question 1: Where was the facilitator?

Question 2: Brainstorming is a tool for generating ideas--only some of which are likely to be of any value. Who typed this up and passed it along? Where was the grown up for this stage of the operations?

Question 3: Why do the media seem to support the idea that only Catholics, including the Pope are offended by this? I'd like an apology over a gross waste of time and energy, mismanagement of intellectual capital (I give the brainstormers the benefit of doubt here).

Question 4: Why was the person left holding the can for this only "assigned other duties"? Why wasn't he/she fired? Mean-spirited humour or exceedingly bad ideas (someone actually suggested that these were not jokes, but I can only take that as a wind up.) might be enough on their own right. But circulating them and so causing humiliation for their higher ups. It seems only in government employment could someone get away with such poor performance.

Question 5: How many juniors does it take to come up with a good pope joke?

Answer: They don't know yet, but they're having a facilitated brainstorming session and an official document will be released sometime later this week.



At 2:23 PM, Blogger Amy said...

An unbelievably stupid event.


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