Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dyeing with Daffodils

It made no sense at all. I had begged off all other commitments and was hunkered down to clean house, correct my short story for tonight's writing group meeting at my house (hence the urgency behind housework), so naturally along with vacuuming and mopping and picking up odd pieces I decided to dye some wool with daffodils.

OK it makes sense if you know about this other, formerly secret side of me. I play with wool and string and sticks and things. I met a friend in the bank who is a spinner-dyer and she said dye wool with daffodils, alum, and a teensy bit of dishwasher liquid in a jar in the sun. Solar dyeing. How cool is that.

Meanwhile 20 daffodil heads were soaking in very hot (out of the tap water) in a jar. I poured this into a plastic bowl inside a glass bowl, added enough water from the kettle to warm up the water-daff mix to about the same temp as the wool/silk and plunked it into the mix--I left the flowers there.

I don't know why text went blue, but it seems a nice touch for a post on dyeing, so I'll take it as a gift--not a problem--and leave it.

Lovely yellow, slightly uneven dyeing --not unexpected. Wool may have had a bit of grease in it left over from process. Silk took less dye overall and took longer to take it in but it also is a lovely soft yellow. If I do this again, I'll do it with yarn rather than raw fibre and use my fine merino.

OK now I really have to concentrate completely on work at hand.


At 1:41 PM, Blogger Amy said...

You have a tactile side that is coming out in your posts about dyeing and colors and rocks. I like that.

At 1:47 PM, Blogger Hayden said...

LOL - how classic! Confronted with deadlines I always seem to find one purely optional thing that suddenly "must" do.

Fascinating post. Have you ever used beets for dying? They make such a lovely color when they stain my cutting board...

At 1:15 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Hayden, LOL.


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