Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Around a Real Table: Notes from a Virtual World

I had the pleasure of good company this afternoon. One of my most favourite things is to sit in the company of other women knitting and stitching and talking about knitting and stitching and all the rest of the conversational balls that come up and get bounced around a table full of women.

More and less important things all in a medley: like why you don't want the squares cut on the bias to be on the edge where the fabric might stretch or whether the sleep apnea machine is working as it should and airfares to the US and how a cowl might be better against the Caithness wind than a scarf and just the kindness of shared interests in the people and the projects. A time set gently apart in a warm kitchen to knit and stitch ourselves together.

And one of those women around the table told me she liked my blog so as we left the warm kitchen to hunker down under the grey damp sky I promised I would write a post just for her and her far away friend so that they too can be part of the same fabric.


At 4:36 AM, Blogger Jackie V. said...

I am leaving a comment to say that I enjoy reading of your life in Scotland and Caithness. Having visited many areas of Caithness, I am happy to recall so many good memories. I feel that we have a friend in common, Janet Corbett, such a wonderful lady and SO talented with a needle. I was moved to get a Google account tonight after I read "A real round table". Knowing that you have just moved to a different house, as we have, I feel a distant kinship with you. Silly of me I know so I hope I haven't offended you. Please continue your very interesting blogg. Thanks ,,,Jackie

At 3:54 AM, Blogger landgirl said...

Welcome to virtual Caithness--or at least my wee take on it. You are most welcome. I am not at all offended. I am honoured that you take your time to read my blog. Thanks. Come often and by all means share your thoughts.


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