Thursday, October 08, 2009

Heather Watching

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With a little bit of careful watching, the colours of the heather can make as dramatic a show as the leaves on the trees. I have been too scattered to write but began to feel more settled today. The house is beginning to feel like home--the other day in town, though, I headed the wrong way when I started for home. Ooops. Took me 6 months to learn my way from farm to Thurso. I have a little more to work with now.

Screwed up my courage and sent two articles to The Sun magazine ( today. Walked down the main street of Castletown to the post office and the post mistress gave the envelope a lucky kiss. How can I miss? I just wonder if an American audience can relate to a visit to a neolithic site in the Highlands?

Tomorrow I need to get cracking on the house. It has reached the point where the easy things have been put away and now it is down to the hard work of fine grained stuff decision making.


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