Monday, September 14, 2009

Between Boxes

Flit is a local word for moving house. It sounds so simple. We all know it isn't, but like labour, you forget the worst bits and so I have ventured once more into the territory of

oh that's where this went
what on earth is this for?
now I have three of these
the sad truth that books are heavy, no matter how small a parcel you make of them.
The easier parts of the move have been dealt with. Not that any of it has been easy, but we have moved enough furniture to the new house that we can sort of live here. We are down now to the real nitty gritty.
Thanks to wonderful friends and family lending a hand for the hard work, we'll make it, I think. Tomorrow is Truck Day. Younger and fitter people will be loading things onto a truck. I'll be packing and cleaning and trying not to be too sad or too distracted. When I moved into Isauld, I thought I would never move again. Five years in one place is a long time for me, but Isauld needs more people in it and more time and energy invested in bringing her back to life. I hope she gets it.
Meantime, after a load in each of our cars and some dismantling of furniture in preparation for the move, we took a little time off to rest for the big event and to enjoy the new neighbourhood. We went for an ice cream from the convenience store in Castletown, took the long way home--past the traveler's house--and watched the sun disappear behind a hill leaving its red orange rose pink silver behind it like a long veil.


At 8:58 PM, Blogger Ruan Peat said...

hope your 'truck day' went well and hope to see this saturday.
I flitted from devon to caithness just over 18 years ago and I still havent fully unpacked!

At 9:30 AM, Blogger landgirl said...

Oh, boxes. I think we should write a horror story in which cardboard boxes play the lead villains. They certainly haunt us.

At 3:06 AM, Anonymous ampiggy said...

My sister-in-law had boxes in her basement she'd never opened, after 2 years. That was 1 1/2 years ago. I wager they're still there. I have wedding gifts I've never used, after 43 years. Need to get them to a more appreciative owner--take to auction or, more likely, Goodwill. But that's just one of my 47 household tasks on my list.


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