Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back to Caithness

Returning from the States this time has been harder than usual. Fortunately, my friends have been there for me.  I revisited a solo walk to Crosskirk chapel with a good walking pal and revisited Forss House Hotel which is a site of all three incarnations--American tourist, providing ironic local colour with American accent in the bar when I took up residence nearby, and now walking in with friend in tow.  The walk and the friend helped make the day beautiful, but revisiting and somehow reconnecting all those avatars of myself eased the disconnectedness.

Even better than old friends, however, as an antidote, is a new baby.  I am unabashedly chuffed to be one of several unofficial grandmothers to a friend's new granddaughter.  A hug, a laugh and lots of oohs and ahs looking in the universe of that tiny face and all thoughts of who or where I was were cast aside.