Thursday, November 24, 2011

Oh Frabjous Day

This is not a grocery store display. This is my kitchen after the postie delivered my Thanksgiving in a Box. I had actually lost track of the date and so it is coincidence that it arrived on Thanksgiving Day.

Now what is that very British face (and very Brit name--Hugh Fearnsley-Whittingstall) doing int the midst of my American goodies? Well, Hugh's River Cottage cook book is my first Brit cook book. And I just got it a couple days ago and today was first recipe from the book (lovely tatties and spinach with cardamom and turmeric and cumin--yum). So this photo is a milestone of my hybridization--I can cook Brit now (though I will never be able to visualise things in gms...) but I still love my punkin pie!

Happy Turkey time to my friends and family back stateside and a wee reminder that wherever you are celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving by taking a minute to think about the things you have to be grateful for.