Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My First Scottish T Shirt: Relay for Life

As a child of the 60's I probably have more than enough T shirts, but I am pleased to have added this, my first Scottish T shirt, to the collection. Each of the T shirts I have held on to as I moved and grew and outgrew some of them means something to me--gifts from friends celebrating special events, former tennis teams, previous employers, favourite haunts, good jokes, a good day out with friends or for a cause or both.

My Cancer relay shirt marks a good day out with friends, a cause, and sad-happy recollections of friends and family struggling with cancer.

In particular, this T shirt reminds me of my friend Kris, struggling with her own cancer, she reflected on the things she had to be grateful for. Included among the big things like family and friends and great adventures were little ones like this:

"There is nothing like a 100% cotton t-shirt. Soft to the skin, feels great in a light breeze. I have several of these shirts and realized how much comfort they give me".

Since I got that message from Kris, I have been more mindful. Whenever I pull a T shirt on over my head, I stop to think how good it feels. Linked into that moment I am grateful for Kris and her message and to the folks who make cotton T shirts. Now with my new T shirt I have added to Kris's remembering more to be grateful for: all the folks who joined up in the rain last Saturday for a new record for the longest conga line in Scotland, the folks who asked me to join with them in the walking and remembering and hoping, and the folks who will take the money and work in the labs and the hospital wards and the hospice centres. It is a lot to pack into a T shirt.
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