Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Lot to Ask of Bergamot

I am tired, sad, stressed, and homesick. The after effects of shingles seem to have become as much a part of the changing of the seasons as the return of the geese. For Arctic geese, Caithness is a relatively balmy clime. Probably only for Arctic geese. My feet are already cold and it is still September by the calendar.
So trying to be resourceful and support local enterprise, I looked over the lotions and potions at the local farmer's market sale at Mey Hall. There was just one bottle of bergamot mixture, which I quickly snatched up. Bergamot--bee balm--would be the balm for ailing spirit nae doot.
I splashed it on in the shower this morning and mirabile dictu--the sun has come out from behind the clouds--just a hint of light and warmth, but after all it was only a little bit of bergamot.


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