Sunday, September 04, 2011

A Serendipitous Day

I could try to blame it on working too hard, but the truth is that serendipity often does a better job of sorting my life than I can do for myself. When I showed up a week early for our walk and lunch, of course my friend was gracious. She quickly rearranged things so that we could walk to Holborn Head. Despite the fact that Holborn Head is right on my patch and I have been here now for 7 years, I had only ever seen it from the sea-side on the ferry to Orkney or from the town.

Like many things in Caithness, Holborn Head is stunningly beautiful, easy to get to, but potentially dangerous. One of the characteristics of a wild, open landscape is just that.

I was well away from the edge of the cliff when I took this photo, already having seen the bench that is a memorial to two young women who set across the head for a visit and never arrived.

Walking into the wild and talking with my friend provided a much needed antidote for a malaise I was not aware had crept in upon me, but serendipity got me where I needed to be.

Having had the day open up to me, I had the opportunity to catch up with friends setting up the new exhibit in our local gallery. It, too, was stunning, and stretched my imagination in another direction. I had been working with too many fiddly things so the walk-talk, the wildness, and the art helped get me back to my better (so I like to think) self.

I finished the day with impromptu visits to friends who shared a couple laughs and got their faith in serendipity recharged.
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good foto of a blue sea // scorrie


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