Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hanging by a Thread

The sun is shining. That perhaps is part of the reason I am so distracted. When the sun shines up here, all priorities get rearranged. Suddenly it was urgent to move the languishing tomatoes onto the deck for some real sunshine and water the seeds for the warm loving plants that just might finally come out of the soil today.

I would walk up the hill to see the swans on the loch but household chores are stacked like airplanes at O Hare. My friend is arriving tonight and the sheets for her bed are only in the washer. I have at least one row of stitching that must be done now on shawl for display July 8th because after a couple days of a highland fling with my friend, we are going south to the Big City--Edinburgh-- for a city break --book stores, museums, theatre, movies, lunch in the sunshine, castle, walking Calton hill. Who knows what we might get up to?

So in the midst of this I got stuck--I could not put blouse in closet until I sewed on button--Surely this could have waited? Well, yes and no. Given my organizational scheme, if blouse, button and needle and thread are in proximity, then go, go, go. I did relent and avoid my usual really practical habit of doing preventive button sewing on the other buttons. (Side note for recurring diatribe: even expensive clothes these days are made by machine stitching on buttons--that means stitches go back and forth but are not really properly tied off, so threads are gonna come undone).

So it is now nearly 8:30am and I am still in my PJs. Fortunately, my friend is a good friend and knows me well enough not to be too discomfited by the fact that things are in semi controlled chaos.

OK now to put sheets on the line for some good Highland air and to stitching that one row on the shawl...


At 8:05 PM, Blogger Deb said...

You're going to E-burgh? Me, too, in August. It's a beautiful city.


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