Monday, December 27, 2010

After Solstice

The days are getting imperceptibly longer. We place our faith in things we cannot see, so I place my faith in the few seconds more of precious daylight as the earth wobbles its way into a new season. Meanwhile, I enjoy the feasts of light and colour that this season offers. The shot above was taken just after the fiery orb slipped below the horizon. The twilight seems to linger longer now and those streaks of pink along the clouds were for me a promise of things to come as well as a pleasure of the moment.

Homer's rosy-fingered dawn of the Mediterranean never had to contend with shining through a frozen mist--not snow or rain but a fog of pristine whiteness. The sun struggling to shine through that persistent frozen white mist cast a soft pink tinge over everything much like the light in the dressing room of a faded diva who has put a pink scarf over the lampshade.
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