Friday, December 10, 2010

And Now Floods

I was naive enough to think the floods would be only for our less fortunate cousins to the south, but water has its own secret ways. Our new house is up high--a disadvantage with winds, but and advantage with water. I guess you choose your element and take your chances. The old farmhouse regularly flooded at the back door as water ran into the close and overwhelmed the drain there. I am counting my blessings. That was cold, hard work.

Floods for us today meant swollen lochans that saw no apparent reason to let the road intrude on their space. I had thought the peat, which acts like a giant sponge, could take it all in, but the sudden melting of snow overwhelmed even that great earth sponge--at least temporaily.

The wind has now decided to have its own hooly. Earlier it was a hurrying wind, but playing second fiddle to the water, now in the dark it wants to claim centre stage.


At 3:12 PM, Blogger The Curmudgeon said...

Winter has finally come to Chicago. It started, as it usually does around here, quite abruptly. We went from a warm Fall to a cold Winter in the wink of an eye. We just lucked out, though, on a major blizzard that caved in the roof of the Minneapolis Metrodome (they were supposed to have a Vikings game there Sunday and the Fox cameras were in place to record the scene -- and the video is compelling). And the storm is still sending lake effect squalls into Northwest Indiana. But, here in Chicago, the snow didn't get above the shoetops despite grim forecasts.

I think the weather people are truly disappointed.

It is, however, cold. Single digits (Fahrenheit, of course) this morning with wind chills of ten below. There will be thaws, surely, in the months to come, but no flooding now, I'll bet, until Spring. Which here may be March -- and may be June.

I took a crack at your question, too, and put up my answer this morning.


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