Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ploughing Match and the World's Most Exclusive Green Beans

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I did not make it to this year's ploughing match with vintage tractors. I like watching the earth open up and admire the skill to manoeuvre the vehicles in a straight line. The simpler the machinery the more apparent is the skill behind it. I like the smell of the earth as it turns over. There is a poetry and a comfort in the traditionalness of it all.

I got the better part of it though when I showed up later in the day, took a quick glance at the fields and the men busy in the barn talking and drinking and then tucked into the relative calm inside. The kitchen was warm and ever expanding as more places were set for those showing up. I had actually been invited but this kitchen table has the magic to make room with good grace and good food for any and all that show up. The first time I showed up a week early I learned that lesson. Every time I cross the threshold into the kitchen I feel a joyousness creeping up from my toes. After the ploughing and the prizes and the men in the barn came the warmth and comfort of friends and neighbours around a table of good food and non stop conversation.

I have been told that I move fast. In fact, that was one of the traits by which people sussed I was an American. If they thought I had the zippity do dah in my feet, I wonder what they would have thought of my sister--ditty bopping through the world at double triple time and Blue toothing and multi-tasking as she goes along. I hope to get her over here and we can see. A little Caithness time might be good for Molly, but in the mean time she is doing her best to look after me.

When I told Molly I missed summer and gardening and home grown veg, she moved quickly. She sent me jars of her own home grown, Indiana garden nurtured much loved green beans. Now those green beans would be a gift to be cherished for the thought alone, but these green beans are the most exclusive not only for their timeliness and unique upbringing in my sister's own tender gardening but also for the price of getting them here. At a total of $50.00 for three jars of beans, I do not want to calculate the cost of each bean. Priceless.


At 4:26 AM, Blogger Amy said...

What a sweet package.

At 6:21 PM, Blogger Jackie V. said...

Hello from Iowa again. I so enjoyed the kitchen you enjoyed. I bet that was Nona MacKays'. I love her kitchen, it's what a farm house kitchen seems to me. I felt so at home there and she is a super hostess. Those green beans were might expensive, hopefully you can grow your own next year. Keep on blogging, as I love hearing about your experiences in Caithness. Jackie V.

At 4:09 AM, Blogger Just Country said...

Holding my sides laughing.... Am up late again tonight.... Tomorrow is the Memory walk and then to see Mike.
The new puppy Luna will be following in Serenity's foot steps as an ambassador. She has a big role to fill as a puppy... but I bet ya she is up to it : )

Love Ya sis


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