Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Book People

Dotted among the other activities for the past couple weeks have been some lovely discoveries as a result of conversations with Book People. By the bedside I have the book that was at the heart of a favourite film, Venus Peter (book title is Twelvemonth and a Day).

In the living room is an American poet from the beat generation whose work I had never heard of before. I get as excited about new books/authors as an archaeologist finding a fossil.

In the kitchen are two books by authors known to me but not these books--Ursula Leguin and Nathaniel West.

Now back in the US I had a conversation with my visiting friend about books and virtual books. She first introduced me to Diana Gabaldon books. I wish we had had time to show her some standing rocks, but we ran out of--you'll forgive the near-pun since Diana Gabladon has time-travelling characters--time.

My friends and I are all level headed people and know the difference between what is real--the beans and toast I just made for lunch, for example, and the stories we read and sometimes write. However, there is a particular pleasure that comes from populating the world of beans and toast with friends and acquaintances we have met in books.

It is a rainy day here. My real friends are probably all curled up with a book someplace, so I may just take advantage of the weather to play with some of my new found imaginary acquaintances.


At 10:09 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Husband and I enjoyed Great Books discussion last night of Frankinstein, or The Modern Prometheus. The group agreed that despite the style, the book is a classic because the themes are universal and deep.

At 6:19 PM, Blogger dks716 said...

I think I should set the record straight: it was you who introduced me to Diana Gabaldon, not the other way 'round. As I recall, I was telling you about a Crichton book I'd read on time travel, and you said, "Have I got a book for you!" I read Outlander, then was thrilled to find out there were more.


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