Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Walk in the Sun

I have been in the doldrums. I don't know where that is, so finding my way in and out is always a bit tricky. I am homesick but otherwise quite OK except that too many people around me are struggling with troubles and travail and I feel helpless.

It has not helped that the weather has been even by our standards just desperate---cold and grey or wet and grey or grey and sulky. Now I like grey. It is one of my favourite colours actually, but enough is enough.

So today when the sun came out and looked as if it might stay awhile, I took my camera for a walk up the hill. I had thought really that I would go down to the moss and try to get a shot of a favourite little purple flower I saw the other day, but my feet had other ideas. When in the doldrums, I let my feet do the navigating.

And I'll let my camera do the talking for now.
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At 1:28 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Express yourself with your camera. The photos are wonderful. They capture what is, at a particular moment. When we dwell in the moment, we are not concerned with the past or future and can connect upwards to the divine.


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