Monday, August 02, 2010

Red Wine in a Box

I'm sure not even Martha Stewart could answer the question that surged through my brain as I made frantic, anxious last minute preparations for having a party. Red wine should be room temperature, so I was going to bring it into the warmth of the house from its storage in the garage and then I got myself stuck: if you are serving red wine in a cardboard box, is it a hopeless affectation to fret about its temperature or is it the last best hope for a hard working grape that probably aspired to a better fate.

Such things frequently clutter my mind when I worry. The only answer is to shake my head and think of something less conundrum-ish although with last minute preparation-itis almost anything may leap into that category.

And as with most things, the answer became irrelevant. People came. We ate, we laughed, we talked. Children ran through like punctuation in our conversation with the stuff of their world.


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