Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesdays in the Kitchen; Wednesday in town

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The afternoon sessions are my favourite because they seem so unhurried. I have been missing Tuesdays because I was heading down south to learn something for my project or I was leading a workshop at Castlehill. I was very happy doing those things, but I missed my Tuesdays around a kitchen table with my knitting needles in hand and my ears tuned for the good craic.

I could tell it had been a while because more often than usual I had to stop and ask who or what, but I was chuffed that I could fall in around the table as if I belonged there. It felt good to be back. I vaguely remember now the first times when only every other word made sense and then only in a dictionary kind of way.

I like the busyness and good energy of Tuesdays.

Wednesday is my go to town day. I enjoy that, too, in a different way. I have been missing my Wednesdays as well. For all the differences in my old life and my new one, I have translated those things that I enjoyed and growing them on here. Now if only there were a good bookstore....
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