Friday, November 27, 2009

American Thanksgiving, French Restaurant

OK, a French restaurant in Wick may not look exactly like this, but it likes to give that ambience and ambience is so very French, n'est-ce pas? My husband had become aware of how much he had been annoying me and was trying to make amends, so we wound up at Bord De L'Eau, which as it happens, is aptly named since it is right at the edge of the river in Wick for lunch yesterday.

And, as it happens, it was American Thanksgiving. I was prepared to have a little tagliatelle when I happened to notice a wee post it on the menu board announcing: "turkey parcels and cranberry stuffing". Honest to goodness, my eyes misted over. Homesickness is like that. You are going along perfectly fine and then something that you probably would not have looked at twice in the land of Tom Turkey's magnificent sacrifice catches you out.

Just to ensure that I completely mixed my metaphors I celebrated the unrelated occasion of the arrival of nouveau beaujolais with a glass of the cheery red, short lived wine.

Even the weather cooperated and we were able to sit in the enclosed glass sun porch and watch the lazy sun hanging out low in the sky.
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how was your husband annoying you // scorrie //


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