Thursday, January 31, 2008

Portskerra Photos

The day I took these photos, the wind was cold and blowing hard, but the sea was relatively calm and the sun was bright, so the colours were more clearly differentiated. On duller days, the subtle variations of pink gray green brown blue and tints without names are obscured. Even in drab, however, the site is beautiful.
My friend who introduced me to Portkskerra Harbour walk called again and asked if it would be all right for me to pick her up and we could walk to the top and then go to our local and have coffee and a little knit-in. It was just what I needed.
The wind had abated, but the sea was more violent. We walked to the top of the hill above the harbour following what was little more than a sheep track. Sheep may not look all that clever, but they know how to pick out the best paths for climbing hills--provided you have four feet. We made our way to the top and stopped just to breathe in the air and watch the panorama of the sea below.
In the shelter of a ravine between two hills we stopped to watch the waves surging through the rocks which in the photo above seem so calm. As each wave clashed onto the rocks and up into a spout of water and foam, we "oohed and ahed" like spectators at a fireworks display. We watched the waves growing out in the open sea and tried to predict when a big wave would come. We failed, but each wave was spectacular in its own right and created just for us. Not even sheep were there to share the pleasure of the sea with us.

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