Monday, November 09, 2015

Almost an author

After a year to write it and revise it and check it and reflect on it and get friends to read it and proof it and format it, I was ready to Kindle it. And then the Amazon interface could not accept a UK address for a 'US person' for tax purposes. And so I wrote to Kindle support and they seemed nonplussed--surely I am not the only US person with only one address?  But after a month of waiting, the tax interview address now has 'State' as optional and tho my wee cottage name gets a bright red 'corrected' by it, nonetheless it accepts it.

I thought I was moving into the nitty gritty of actually uploading my file and crossing that Rubicon into the honourable territory of 'Published Author', but no. Now it's bank information. None of the digits on my bank card (and there seem to be quite a lot of them!) match the little boxes on the screen. I'll go to town and ask the bank folks for the magic numbers for my account, and then perhaps I'll be able to cross the threshold.

Meanwhile, please keep my wee novella in your thoughts: Returning: The Journey of Alexander Sinclair should be on Amazon by the end of the week.  Surely, there can be no more hurdles!


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