Monday, October 26, 2015

A Long Farewell to Trees

Once again after the return from my annual migration back Stateside, I took a step wise route, including sleeping in a family house with the happy clatter of kitchen noises and people around me. Then we drove up along the west to enjoy the lovely trees of Perth as long as we could. The glorious colours of the mature broad leafed trees gave way to boreal forest--birches and alders and larch and pine and then the grasses took over. The colours of the grasses and reeds against the backdrop of the round brown hills was a welcome sight. I've learned to see their beauty.

Today in the golden light I walked up the road to the loch and caught this scene--through the hedge to the harvested field beyond and the hills in the distance. Bonny spot, eh? Birds wittering in the hedges, cows not bothering to look up, swans probably busy gleaning in some farmer's field. If  I waited a while longer, I could watch them come flying back to the loch, coming back home, but I have things to do myself.


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