Friday, June 05, 2015

Pancakes and a Power Drill

The sun was shining and two friends were coming by, so I expected good things to happen, but even my optimistic expectations were exceeded with a frabjous day. Pancakes--in the American way of thinking-- pancakes are Sunday morning and maple syrup with pancakes hot off the grill. Over here you can buy them in the store in packets ready made and only a few folks know about maple syrup. (As you may have noted in previous posts, though we have the north and the cold, we're a bit shy on trees.) So it was a great treat when my friend said as we poured cuppa coffee for us all, 'I'll make us some pancakes'--and she did! Just like that it was Sunday morning in America--I compromised and left the maple syrup in the cupboard and slathered mine in raspberry jam--but they were hot and fluffy and golden wonderfulness.

Armed with a meal worthy of lumberjacks, my friend with her book on live willow furniture and I  went out  to get some willow to make a chair that we would then plant. She worked saw and secateurs and drill while I worked in garden--there are always weeds! I took the opportunity to take some of the seedlings that have been languishing in their wee pots and get them into a raised bed in a sheltered spot.

While we pottered outside, my pancake-making friend was inside taming the chaos.

It was a great day--I have the chair that will hopefully grow--yes the 4 legs of the chair are planted back into the ground--how cool is that? And both the chair and the pancakes reminded me that I sometimes fail even to begin a project because I think it is too hard. With my friend's simpler recipe for pancakes and my drill-wielding friend's admonition to get over my fear of power tools, just perhaps I'll be a little less backward.


At 3:06 PM, Blogger Ruan Peat said...

oh do share the pancake recipe? always up for some fluffy goodness! and I must come see your chair!


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