Monday, July 22, 2013

County Show Fever

After nearly 10 years, I finally caught the County Show fever.  As always, I was late in catching it. Others had talked about it for weeks and planned their projects and had a lifetime of experiences to draw on.

But in my own way I was overcome with the excitement of being part of something that everyone else was doing. I was chuffed to have been encouraged by someone whose opinion I valued.

And so in this fever, I laid out and made a felted cushion in one day--that has to be my chief claim to fame because the cushion did not win any kind of recognition at the show.

As I laboured over the cushion, I heard strains of Beach Boys, 'Be True to your School' in my head.  Why Beach Boys? Why that tune? Well, be true to your SWRI just does not scan and I am and always will be a bit more familiar with Beach Boys when I search the juke box in my mind.

So although not much copp at the show or for my WRI, nonetheless I take away what I think the competitions are really meant to encourage--I can do more than I think I can.  The judges inside our heads are always more difficult to overcome, so facing up to the outside ones helps us take on the bigger challenges.


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