Friday, July 12, 2013


First Harvest. Well, harvest is a bit optimistic, it was more like a rescue, but I got to eat it, so harvest it is.  I know I am not alone in suffering from the windy, cold, wet and generally grim weather and I tell myself that I am learning how to solve gardening problems--a lot of them-- and intense ones, so I can be better prepared next time. I do believe. I do believe.

Wind.  Caithness is known for its wind. I have most of my veg sheltering in the lee of the house with willows on the other side giving a bit of screening. The wind, however, has just snapped its fingers at my meagre defenses and battered any plant that stuck its head above the parapet of the raised bed. Enter the wizard of improvisation and existing materials, aka Roy Sibley. I talked with my hands--as I often do--and before I knew it, he had made a chicane from stakes and wind screening lying about the place.  The elegance of the design means no gate was required, no massive construction.  I know the wind will flatten it sometime but for now, it is much quieter. Hooray for chicane-ry!

One wee chard, however, was stuck in a draft.  And he was the one to add to my mac and cheese for dinner tonight.  I left an inch above ground so perhaps it will rise again and I put some wind protection over top.


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