Thursday, March 07, 2013

Looking for the Antidote for Collywobbles

Collywobbles is a word that in my visual dictionary lives next to hobble skirt. Maybe because wobble and hobble rhyme, but more likely because of the way the words conspire to make me feel.  Having collywobbles--vague anxieties or fretfulness--is like trying to walk in a hobble skirt.

I have been tripping over myself lately--forgetting things and spending whole days at home when I should be elsewhere and just not getting much done at all--not even figuring out the source of the collywobbles.

Fortunately my limited attention span means I get bored enough with the collywobbles to move on.  Near colly wobbles and hobble skirt is hobbleldy ho --part of a song sung with babies on knees.  Enough of a call to action for me--so put the kettle on, put on  a wooly vest, and find a rhythm in the splatter of rain against the window.

Hobbledy ho.


At 11:46 AM, Blogger Ruan Peat said...

My fave is Hobby Horse, which is 'A "hobby horse" issue, legislation that has no realistic chance of passing into law but which is introduced repeatedly to make a point or appease a segment of the constituency' or more for my usage, a fad that wont yield any long term gains but is fun to do for now.
Always thought of collywobbles as more an internal thing, butterflies in the tummy, and head all in a spin! You have to love language!


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