Monday, April 16, 2012

A Walk with Geese

The days are stretching--the light lingers, the sun has more energy, and the whins pop out with their brassiest yellow. I love the boisterous contrast of the blue sky and golden whins.

But the best part of whins (gorse) is the smell. Chardonnay -sun tan oil. The coconut-y smell conjures images of Coppertone and warm pool side days.

The walk up the hill was especially welcome after hectic days and quirky weather. Cool air but still, which means so much up here when the wind can whip the warmth away from you no matter how you bundle up.

As I trundled up the hill toward Loch Heilan I heard geese. At first I thought it was coming from the Loch, but I quickly realized they were above me. Several ribbons of them threaded their way across the blue sky. The symmetry and grace held me transfixed for too long, so I only grabbed my camera after several had spooled away. This is the best shot, but just as the best part of gorse is the smell, I think the best part of the geese skein is hearing it and watching the geometry of the birds in flight.

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At 6:21 PM, Blogger redzapf said...

Hello Sharon - I feel I know you. Lorna sent me your column from last year about New Lanark and New Harmony. As another midwestern US farmer's daughter, I know of what you speak. Hope to meet you there or here in New Harmony sometime. Connie Weinzapfel, Historic New Harmony

At 9:33 AM, Blogger landgirl said...

Oh so good to be connected with New Harmony. Such a wonderful place. You'd like here, too, for many of the same reasons. Alas, today instead of sun and flowers and blue sky we had howling winds (they really do howl up here) and lashing rain. No walking today.

At 3:58 PM, Blogger The Curmudgeon said...

Odd that plants from such a non-tropical part of the world would trigger tropical associations, isn't it?

As for the geese, seeing them in flight is nice. But they don't necessarily migrate in this part of the world any more. And some parks and other open areas are ankle deep as a result! And yet they're protected. (If only our shoes could be!)


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