Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Accessible Highlands

Even if you live here, you can be astonished at how much history is so accessible --and yet so obscure. "What is that hill over there," I asked, totally oblivious--as usual--to the geography of where I am. "It is so very round."

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When we got back home, which is a story in its own right, and looked at where we had been on the map, we discovered that this is listed as a chambered cairn and next to it is a fort and near it are the remains of another couple cairns. Enough archaeology on this site to keep Time Team going for an entire season and then some.

If you prefer scenery without remnants of Neolithic civilisation, here's a couple favourites of mine. First, boggy land with lochs and lochans. Naturalists call such areas "flows" because so much water runs through this great brown organic sponge, and, I suspect, it sounds more inviting.

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One of my all time favourites, if we exclude seascapes, would have to be navy blue hills silhouetted as in this shot.

All these photos were taken from the top of Dorrery Hill.


At 2:44 PM, Blogger scorrie said...

"flows" means flat, old Viking word. Flowing eater it is not!! Nice fotos. Scorrie.


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