Sunday, December 28, 2008

Under a Kindly Sky

The sun shone today with such conviction that I could believe that it is slowly making its way back to us. It bounced its rays off clouds for a marvelous show of pastels and shades of grey and lingered for a sunset that lasted until nearly 4pm. I do believe, I do believe.

We woke to grass frozen stiff in individual ice jackets and the laundry left on the line frozen at attention like soldiers on alert within the walled garden.

The sun warmed the grass and the clothes on the line and the windshields and our spirits. As we drove out under the midday sun, my husband proclaimed it a kindly sky. And so it was.

The sun has gone to her bed now and the sharp chill (a high over southern Iceland is leaving a stable but cold weather system so my Shipping Forecast explained to me) is returning. Tomorrow we can expect the same frozen grass but we can also hope for another kindly sky and a few more minutes of the fickle sun.


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