Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Orkney Stories: The Trip in a Nutshell

A boat named Claymore lumbers through the water.
Where is the lovely Pentalina?
Knobbly paths into her stern but no way out through the bow.
Where is the lovely Pentalina?
Eating, drinking, shopping and lots and lots of talking.
Where is the lovely Pentalina?
St. Margarets Hope coming and going
Angela discovers cold coffee (and likes it)
Sharon gets a sweater/jumper with fish
Alison buys stones
We all buy books and walk the cobbled streets
Tired, tired; homeward leaning
Where is the lovely Pentalina?
Coffee, knitting til the ocean swells and rolls
Find the horizon and hold it fast
Where is the lovely Pentalina?


At 12:42 AM, Anonymous ampiggy said...

I remember the lovely Pentalina. I can send you her picture if you like. Are you saying the other one was not so smooth? The refrain evokes a sense of loss. Sigh.

At 11:35 AM, Blogger landgirl said...

Oh, you have a photo of the Pentalina? Yes, that would be cool if you could send it. I think Angela would like it, too. The Pentalina apparently is running across the channel delivering veal calves to Europe. A new ferry is being built but I don't know if it will supplement or replace the Claymore. Angela really missed the Pentalina both ofr sentimental reasons and also because she was a bit scared at first having to back off the ferry. It is close quarters and slippery surface and all. She was of course brilliant but you know that sinking feeling you can get right before you have to do something.
The Claymore did feel more like a bath tub somehow, which was OK as long as the sea was smooth, but when it got choppy, it was disconcerting. If I had not been able to see to the horizon to settle myself, I might actually have been sea sick.
When we go back in September, we'll take the "posh" ferry, the Hamnavoe out of Scrabster. It is more the size of an ocean liner with at least five decks and a movie theatre and all such amenities. Come September, we may need that stability.


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