Saturday, September 15, 2018

Walking Resurrection Way

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We began our walk where the journey used to end. Clynekirkton and the bell tower were the final destination or eastern end of a coffin trail. The day seemed suitably funereal--slightly overcast but mild temperatures and the promise of sunshine.

As we climbed higher into heather, we were stalked by a haar--a whimsy of sea and wind. It ran along the hillside just below us until we stopped for a bit of tea. The day was warm enough to peel off some outer clothes and cool down as we sheltered on boulders in a bit of a ravine, but the haar caught us up and swallowed us. It was cooler inside the haar, and the air which had seemed light and vaguely redolent of heather and peat took on a denser, damper aroma.


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