Saturday, September 02, 2017

Rediscovering Brough Bay

You wouldn't think something like this could slip your mind or be taken for granted, but I have been away. The walk down the braeside road--as bumpy and gravel-strewn as ever--started conjuring the memories of times past. I note the tide is coming in and look for the seals to poke their heads above the waves, but the sea offers only gentle waves and occasional ducks or gulls beyond the range of my camera.
I stood for a moment at the end of the path before turning toward the lighthouse and the bothy night merry making breathing in the soft air, the bird sounds, and the gentle waves. After some gossip with friends, I head for the beach. I can hear the music now behind me mixing with the bird sounds and the waves. My camera and I need to get reacquainted with seaweed.
 I love the lace like effect of seaweed when it's draped in rocks.

The eye popping green would be out of place anywhere else.
My favourite is usually the bumpy dark red-purple fronds.

I sit on a rock and listen until the aromas of the cottage pie call me back to bothy night. A great evening getting reacquainted with old friends and old scenes.


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