Monday, March 03, 2008

Crocus in the Snow

I recall that my mother was always intrigued by the imagery of crocus blooming in the snow. It may well be a kind of real-world inkblot. Is the crocus in the snow a sign of optimism or of despair? I suspect it is both and neither.

As I looked out onto the snow dusted on the ground and in the pot where the crocus bloomed only yesterday, I must confess my first reaction was a sigh and a shiver, but I managed to put on another layer of clothes and find a sunspot (my cats have trained me well). As I passed by the window again, I found the same brave little crocus looking back at me and cheering me on with their smiling, stalwart faces. OK, the snow will melt and tomorrow it will be warmer. I do believe, I do believe.


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