Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dreams of Healing

Thanks to you all for your comments about Daniel. He is doing better and now his family has asked for prayers to help guide his dreams to those of healing. I believe in the power of dreams and imagining to help us in our waking world. Just before I went under anesthesia for surgery, the nurse commented about my tan lines and got me to think about a recent vacation to offset the effects of anesthesia that can give you dreams that make Stephen King plots seem pale.

We cannot say what effect non-traditional, non objectively verifiable therapies have. If nothing else, it gives us something to do while we wait anxiously by a bedside. Daniel has fought the odds so far. The operations for the aneurysm in his neck and for his arm have gone well and he is now out of the drug-induced coma. He has a long way back, but he has a path back.

My friend, his sister, asked that we also keep in our thoughts the driver of the vehicle who was hurt from the inside out. He is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, the invisible wounds of war. A third person in the car was killed outright. They and their families all need to be guided to dreams of healing, to paths back into a waking world.

And if we can dare to dream big. I would like to suggest that we strive for dreams of healing for us all.


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